There is such a unique place at the foot of the Snow Mountain, in the buffer zone of the landscape park, surrounded by ponds, forests and meadows – it is called Ornamental Farm Bukowiec.

We have been taking care of this complex for more than 20 years, making every effort to preserve and showcase the charm of the 18th century ornamental farm.

In addition, we have made every effort to give a second life to the former farm buildings. In the former sheepfold building, cozy rooms and suites await you, as well as a large and beautiful space ideal for holding weddings, workshops or conferences. In the former barn building we have an iconic venue – the Artistic Barn, which hosts numerous events, concerts and the annual Festival dell’Arte.

Ornamental Farm Bukowiec is also an excellent base for many attractions. It is close to historical palace buildings or the unique Wang Church in Karpacz.

This is a place for anyone looking to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and the ever-present rush.

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