Artystyczna Stodoła - koncert Leszek Możdżer


The Artistic Barn is a space with a unique atmosphere, accompanying numerous artistic events. Come and feel this ambience! A great opportunity to visit are recurring, annual festivals such as: Music Festival in June, Bukowieckie Dumanie in July, or the August Festival dell’Arte, whose guiding idea is to combine various genres of art and their presentation in historical facilities. In addition to concerts, there are also exhibitions, theater and dance performances, meetings with authors and integration. Every year, the hospitable thresholds of the Artistic Barn welcome a wide group of participants of the Review of Folk Groups. The event is organized by the Municipal Cultural Centre.

See the current program of events: Events 2022

Galeria - Muzum W Dolinie Pałaców i Ogrodów


In this one of many farm buildings there is also a unique exhibition ‘In the Valley of Palaces and Gardens’. It introduces the visitor to the historical nooks and crannies of the cultural landscape of the Jeleniogórska Valley. Recordings, films, models, games, old postcards, etc. they show historical, architectural and geographical content in an unusual way. The advantages of the described exhibition include: that the so-called ‘Silesian Elysium’ can be visited even in bad and rainy weather.

Kawiarenka - ciasto ze śliwkami


There is also a Cafe & Bistro Cafe & Bistro in the Artistic Barn. Here, with the sounds of good music, you can enjoy aromatic coffee, homemade pastries and delicious food. Craft beer, local spirits, self-prepared lemonades in the summer and spicy mulled wine in the winter are just a small part of the Café’s rich offer.


The barn, built around 1800, served as a farm building until the post-war years of the 20th century. It was built in the style of early neoclassicism. It is best visible in a simple object, in geometric forms, semi-circular blends and windows.

The 9-axis façade is accentuated with three pseudorisalits with spacious, arcaded gates. They have double wooden doors, outlined at the top with a wavy line. The remaining part of the arcade is filled with a partition made of radially arranged boards.

Inside, there was a large single-space interior, accessible through three gates on two sides. After the adaptation in 2013, it was divided by a transverse half-timbered wall. Thanks to this, part of the large space was separated into the back room for the hall. Thanks to this, part of the large space was separated into the back room for the hall. The rest of the space is the dining area.

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