Centrum Edukacyjno-Kulturalne - koncert gitarowy


On September 6, 2019, the new Educational and Cultural Center of Piotr Napierała has been opened. It is located in one of the buildings of the former farm buildings of Fryderyk and Fryderyka von Reden in Bukowiec.

Centrum Edukacyjno-Kulturalne - sala warsztatowa

It is not only a place for cultural events such as theater performances, concerts or exhibitions, but above all a place where you can satisfy your appetite for development and education. Thanks to the creation of workshop rooms in it, its offer is addressed to active people looking for a place where they can develop and pursue their passions and interests.

Centrum Edukacyjno-Kulturalne - sala warsztatowa

The Educational and Cultural Center offers an extremely wide range of thematic workshops conducted in the studios: computer, painting, sculpture, nature and dance. In conjunction with cozy rooms, the Educational and Cultural Center is an ideal place for active recreation combined with educational and cultural values.

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