Warsztaty artystyczne dla dzieci - malowany, gispowy odlew


We invite you to art workshops for children at Ornamental Farm Bukowiec.

every Saturday and Sunday 2023

Start: 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00
Duration: 45 minutes
Price: PLN 30/person
Place: former Brewery

+48 500654029

Warsztaty - warsztaty malarskie dla dzieci


There is a lot going on at Ornamental Farm Bukowiec. Among the various activities, we also organize a number of artistic and educational workshops. We have suggestions for teachers, parents and children, as well as for teenagers and adults. Tailor-made workshops for everyone, tailored to age, interests, amount of time and season.

Classes are held in well-equipped studios in the Cultural and Educational Center or outdoors in a romantic park located in the heart of the Rudawy Janowickie Landscape Park. Prices of all workshops are set individually.

Contact us for more information about the workshop.

Warsztaty - warsztaty archeologiczne dla dzieci


Ecological: creating permanent habits and behaviors in the spirit of an ecological lifestyle at home, at school and in the immediate vicinity. The effect is to be a reduction in waste generated, a reduction in the consumption of water, electricity and heat, fewer car journeys and an increase in the share of ecological products in purchases. In the park in spring and summer: setting up gardens with basic vegetables.

Photographic: during the workshops we discuss the basics of photography, camera operation, photo processing, but above all, we take photos.. In practice, everyone will know the tricks that will make the photos very good and surprise with the end result. During classes devoted to photo processing in leading graphic programs, we will spend time on computer exercises, learning how to correct and retouch the material without spoiling it with inept processing.

Archaeological/art history: systematizing the historical and archaeological knowledge acquired so far. Participants will learn what an archaeological site, a monument is, and what to do if you accidentally find a very old thing. During the workshop part, participants will be able to learn about various methods of dating monuments and use them in practice. On the examples of historic garden pavilions in Bukowiec, participants will learn about the basic and classic architectural elements. They will learn to locate the building in time and together they will build a spatial body from cardboard modules.

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