The impressive classicist farm buildings in Bukowiec were built at the beginning of the 19th century. After the death of count von Reden in 1815, the farm managed by the countess prospered very well and brought a lot of income. For 39 years, Fryderyka managed the property herself, provided linen fabrics for the army, brewed beer, farmed purebred cows, cultivated trees and shrubs, and experimented with new types of cereals. The property also included breeding ponds.

The farm consists of: the former Brewery, the Management Building, the barn and the sheepfold and cowshed located behind the palace, known as the ‘Podkowa’.

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The former brewery was erected along the commune road, almost opposite the palace. Its ground floor was filled with a single-space interior with beer brewing vats. After 1900, the building lost its brewing functions and was transformed into a tavern. Today it houses the Mysterious Forest Museum and the branch office of the Foundation of Valley of Palaces and Gardens.


Former tavern after construction at the beginning of the nineteenth century, it was connected with the Brewery. Currently, it is a private three-storey residential building modernized after the war.


The building of the Former Management Board is a facility that was assigned various functions, including spa and guest functions. Mainly, however, it was the seat of the estate management. Today it houses cozy apartments for those who want to relax in the tranquility of the park.


The barn, served as a farm building until the post-war years of the 20th century. Currently, it houses a cafe, the ‘In the Valley of Palaces and Gardens’ Museum and a concert hall.


The Cowshed is a three-wing administrative and economic building, today called the Podkowa (horseshoe) . Once upon a time it was he who constituted the main compositional element of the farm layout From the side of the courtyard, the gallery referred to the Palladian style and created an aesthetic effect unique in farm buildings. The revitalization of the facility is planned in the coming years.


Former Sheepfold – today the Cultural and Educational Center of Piotr Napierała. The building houses a large multi-purpose room, a number of workshop studios and accommodation facilities.

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